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Vastu Shastra

The object of the Vastu Shastra is blessing the human beings who followed the principles of vastu Shastra. The object of Vastu Shastra is to provide guidelines for proper construction of houses, shops, commercial buildings etc. Vastu determines the position of the house with regard to points of a compass and dictates the proportions of every detail in building, directions, skylines, elongations, levels, slopes, water (underground and overhead), kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, staircase, heights of ceilings and roofs, entrances, location of doors and windows, compound walls and so on. Vastu Shastras are canons dealing with the subject of vastu which means the environment. Put differently, one may regard them as codification of good practices of design of buildings and cities, which will provide settings for the conduct of human life in harmony with physical as well as metaphysical forces. These Vastu Shastra canons provide guidelines for design of buildings and planning of cities such that they will bring health, wealth and peace to the inhabitants.

Definitely Yes, Vastushastra suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature, then we will be healthy, peaceful and work efficiently, hard, systematic that results in prosperity and happiness, the people who followed vastu will say correct definition for this question, because vastu is a science it works, its not a miracle to make people fools. If we followed vastu shastra we will overcome from mental tensions, loans, debts and so many other problems.

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