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Extra Affairs

If you want to know the indication of the extramarital affairs in astrology or secret love affair in astrology or planet have some influence on the extramarital relationship or cheating spouse in Vedic astrology then contract with us, we provide you complete astrological solution. There is seven astrological combination in the horoscope that indicates that a person is in the extramarital affair. Marriage is a social norm that is basically based on the concept of keep loyalty between the partners. But in the recent day from the social networking site, people are getting involved illegal relation beside of marriage. We have tried to understand Secret Love affairs in astrology.

Planetary for extramarital affairs

In the horoscope, the 2nd house represents family, 5th house represents love affairs, 7th house represents marriage life. Planet moon represents the mind and Venus represent love, affection, beauty, and harmony. The house where Venus placed in the horoscope that will disclose emotional expressiveness and the ability to express love. Normally Rahu is responsible for the extramarital affair. If Rahu gets support from Venus then one can face lots of problems.

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